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business consulting

Full Business Analysis servives carried out including stakeholder interaction, high level analysis, detailed analysis, flow-charting, systems and change analysis.

It management

Management of websites, hosting packages, business domains and emails created as well as overall IT systems assets analysed and advised on status and possible upgrades.

new Strategy

Business processes reviewed for change analysis and proposals created for new business plans and implementation options.

Strategy is nothing without execution

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Building your business growth & prosperity

We aim to develop productivity and innovation

  • icon_01Business Operations ConsultingExperienced in business operations consulting to advise on industry standards to deliver the best for your clients in a changing world.
  • icon_02Consultative ApproachWe provide a professional consultative approach to your business needs and will advise management openly on solutions proposed and timelines for delivery.
  • icon_03Process AnalysisDetailed process analysis is vital to show how a business is operating in real time where sometimes there is a disconnect between what the management believe to happening versus what is being delivered. Our process investigation and clear mapping will show what is happening and when gap-analysed with the the required processes will show the necessary steps to be implemented.

  • icon_04Requirements GatheringFrom shopfloor for "AS IS" through to "To Be" solutions where all user requirements are gathered and documented in high quality documents including visual depictions and flowcharts.
  • icon_05Stakeholder ManagementAll levels ofstakeholder interaction undertaken to understand business requirements, provide solution options and implement following approval.
  • icon_06Detailed Requirements CreationAll options clearly documented for all aspects of the required project to ensure a streamlined option is devised and proposed for clear stakeholder understanding and agreement.

  • icon_07BI and MI Reporting SolutionsReports devised to deliver clear management information on business performance and provide details on areas for improvment.
  • icon_08Business Change SolutionsWhere change is needed it is handled sympathetically for all staff and all levels are encouraged to "buy in" to the options the business is looking into to facilitate a smooth as possible solution for the overall projected.
  • icon_09New Business Domains and EmailsShould a new business be created and need a website, domains and emails created we will help the entire process to full operational readiness in an agreed time frame.

Meet Our Team

  • Mike Mason

    Mike is a data specialist having experience in:-   SSIS, SSRS and SAS SQL, Qlikview,…

  • Diffi Mason

    Diffi Mason, spouse of Mike Mason prepares the company accounts and has great financial experience…