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Successful Financial Reporting Success is Crucial

All businesses want good quality financial reports to depict the business's progress down the right path of success. We have experience in liasing with stakeholders to determine the detailed requirements needed to specify and build these reports. Examples will include sales growth, product category sales, margin comparison on best and worst services or product, month…
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Implement savings in Finance with detailed reports

A high percentage of financial professionals reportedly say they struggle to collect data from multiple sources and perform the analyses required to answer questions about corporate financial performance. This then limits their visibility into the business dynamics that affect financial results and delays actions that might improve corporate performance. It is no surprise, then, that…
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Analysing Trends in Business

Management information (MI) is very important in analysing trends, helping you forecast the future and solving any problems you identify. Firms should use it to monitor customer treatment, expectations and outcomes. This information – whether anecdotal or quantified – should be active rather than merely reactive. It should address future risks rather than dealing with…
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